Prof. Mutlu AYTEMİR, Ph.D.

The Faculty of Pharmacy, İzmir Katip Çelebi University, the second pharmacy faculty in both the Aegean region and the province of İzmir, is proud to host the following "International Multidisciplinary Symposium on Drug Research and Development (DRD) 2023" on May 4-6, 2023 in İzmir (Türkiye) with the support ofthirty-eight pharmacy faculties across the country. The special topic of the DRD 2023 is "Neurodegenerative Diseases: New Developments in Treatment". In this context, participants will gain additional insights into neurodegenerative diseases by looking at the latest developments on this subject.

Prof. Mutlu AYTEMİR, Ph.D.

Chair of DRD 2023

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, İzmir Katip Çelebi University


Prof. Gulberk UÇAR, Ph.D.

"The Society of Researchers in Pharmacy and Medicine (ILARUD)" was founded in 2008 to improve the interactions among researchers in medical and pharmaceutical areas and establish a networking platform for academics, professionals and institutions working in this field. For this purpose, ILARUD organizes a series of international meetings titled "International Multidisciplinary Symposium on Drug Research and Development, DRD", in coordination with the pharmacy faculties in Türkiye every two years.

Prof. Gulberk UÇAR, Ph.D.

Co-Chair of DRD 2023

President of ILARUD

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Hacettepe University


Why DRD'23

Expert Speakers

Opportunity to meet national and international scientists who are experts in their fields of study

R&D Studies

Studies to be carried out with the participation of leading authorities of our pharmaceutical industry and academicians


Wide Range of Sciences

Recent developments in drug research, development and administration ranging from chemistry to pharmacy and medicine

Professional development

The concepts of clinical pharmacy, community pharmacy and digital pharmacy of the pharmacy profession

DRD'23 Registration Form

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Important Dates

Symposium dates and details are given below

June 2, 2023

Full Paper Submission Deadline

January 30, 2023

Pre-Registration Deadline

April 15, 2023

Poster Submission Deadline

April 15, 2023

Early-bird Registration Deadline


Invited Speakers


Actual Event






You can follow the proceedings of the symposium here.